Moltox®台灣代理─基因毒理試劑、Ames test 試劑、S9 酵素、毒理專用菌株材料

基因毒理試劑、Ames test 試劑、S9 酵素、毒理專用菌株材料

For over 20 years Moltox has been providing high quality cost effective reagents, bacterial strains, prepared media and metabolic activation products to contract research organizations, quality control departments and drug discovery scientists. These institutions and individuals have come to expect timely service, knowledgeable technical support and substantial cost sav-ings. See what Moltox can do to make your projects move smoothly with consistent quality products, delivered on time within your budget.



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Moltox® 成立 20 年,是美國專業製造基因毒理檢測(genetic toxicology)試劑以及提供服務的公司。也是全球最知名的基因毒理試劑供應商。產品線包括 S9 酵素系列、檢驗套組、試劑菌株與培養基等。國內已經有政府單位、學術研究所以及國際檢驗公司等採購。

S9 Rat liver enzymes:

  • S9 為來自於哺乳類動物(大鼠)之肝臟 P-450 酵素群。通常應用於含有 cofactor NADPH 的氧化還原系統中。藉由 S9 中這些 P-450 酵素的代謝,可活化部份可能具有致癌潛力的物質


Salmonella Strains:

  • 特殊基因型(histidine 缺陷)沙門氏菌通常應用於細菌逆突變試驗(Ames test),例如 Strain TA97a, TA98, TA100, TA102 與 TA1535



Moltox® Salmonella typhimurium Mutant
hisD6610, hisO1242, uvrB, rfa, pKM101STDisc™ TA97a71-097aL
hisD3052, uvrB, rfa, pKM101STDisc™ TA9871-098L
hisG46, uvrB, rfa, pKM101STDisc™ TA10071-100L
hisG428, rfa, pKM101, pAQ1STDisc™ TA10271-102L
hisG46, uvrB, rfaSTDisc™ TA153571-1535
his3076, uvrB, rfaSTDisc™ TA153771-1537
his3052, uvrB, rfaSTDisc™ TA153871-1538
Moltox® Escherichiacoli strains (WP2 derivatives)
trpECD™ WP272-187L
trp, uvrAECD™ WP22-188L
trp, pKM101ECD™ WP272-002L
trp, uvrA pKM101ECD™ WP272-003L