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CMP® (Creative Media Plate) is a unique exclusive brand of Activision Technologies. CMP® (Creative Media Plate) has more than 2,000 product media and diagnostic reagents products. It is the first IVD to pass the Department of Health’s in-vitro medical device. -GMP media manufacturing facility is also the largest domestic medium supplier. The CMP® (Creative Media Plate) product range is based on solid and liquid media and can be used for clinical microbiological diagnosis, basic microbial research, disease control, environmental monitoring, biosafety testing, and product quality control. Clients are located in major hospitals, health bureaus and competent health units, major academic research institutes and government agencies, veterinary units, food industry, wine industry, pharmaceutical industry, and biotechnology industry. In order to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers, Kaixin Co., Ltd. can manufacture products that meet the requirements in accordance with customer attributes or various international specifications and pharmacopoeia specifications. Examples include terminal sterilization multi-layer packaging media, identification and isolation media for specific microbial diagnosis, antibiotic drug sensitive media, tubercle bacilli special media, drug sterility special media, contact surface plate media for environmental surfaces, and water quality detection media.

Main Business Attribute

Prepared Culture Media, Diagnostic Reagents, and Microbial Related Products in Taiwan and Asia Across the clinical, industrial and academic markets CMP® (Creative Media Plate) formulates finished product media in accordance with domestic and international specifications such as CLSI, USP, CP, EP, CNS, BAM, ASM, ISO, and the Department of Health, and also designs and produces products tailored to customers’ needs.

Highest quality raw material (BD DifcoTM / BBL / Thermo OxoidTM / Remel) Fast shipping logistics system meets customer needs Pre-Sales and After Sales Professional Services Team

CMP® (Creative Media Plate) PPM 平板培養基

Shinsei Technologies produces Prep Plate Media (PPM) in a clean environment with ISO 5/Class 100, and introduces several On-Line 4-Lane Auto PPM dispensing instruments. Provides a large number of products of uniform quality in the lowest-contamination and fastest way. Kaixin’s GMP plant is equipped with a number of high-temperature autoclaves and EO sterilizers, all of which have passed rigorous sterilization tests to ensure the sterility of the medium. All CMP® (Creative Media Plate) finished media are shipped with a quality control sheet indicating the sterility, growth performance, quality control strain, pH, and shelf life of the batch. CMP® (Creative Media Plate) offers a full range of plate media products in various formats such as mono-plate, bi-plate, Qua-plate, 5.5 cm, 9.0 cm, 15 cm plate, SteriPack terminal sterilization multi-layer packaging medium, etc.

CMP® (Creative Media Plate) PTM 試管培養基

Tube culture medium is often applied to the isolation and identification of microorganisms, and is often made into beveled forms to extend the time available for microbial growth and culture. The test tube culture medium is mostly made into a broth, a semi-solid, a solid or a slant, and it can be used in various types of filling containers, such as a common borosilicate glass. The top cover of the material, as well as the plastic transport medium (transport media) that facilitates transport of the sample. In recent years, Qixin Company has not hesitated to spend huge sums of money. Specially imported from Germany, the automatic tube culture medium filling system has provided a large number of test tubes with rapid and stable quality. The current production volume has reached the scale of one million.

CMP® (Creative Media Plate) PTM 輸送培養基

The cap-covered rods and tubular culture media design are ideally suited for the collection, delivery and storage of various types of clinical specimens. The cotton rods used for screening are Rayon materials, which have good adsorption power for various types of pathogens and can be torn off. It can maintain the stability and long-term storage requirements of transport (transport) culture medium, and in addition to the media formulations suitable for general anaerobic and anaerobic bacteria samples, there are special media formulations for various types of specific pathogens, including: Amies, Stuart and Cary-Blair formulations, and the design of a variety of colors of the lid and the external standard so that users can clearly distinguish the application of each specimen transport (transport) tube.

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