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CREATIVE LIFE SCIENCE CO., LTD. was founded in 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan. CMP® (Creative Media Plate) is a unique brand of CREATIVE LIFE SCIENCE CO., LTD.. We are devoted to providing highest quality products of microbiology, and we have more than 2,000 prepared media products and diagnostic reagents products. Main products of CMP® are solid and liquid media which can be used for clinical microbiology, basic microbial research, environmental monitoring, biosafety testing, and quality control.


In order to provide high quality products, CREATIVE LIFE SCIENCE CO., LTD. compliance with the medical device GMP requirements based on ISO 13485. To fulfill the requirements of a wide range of customers, we manufacture various products. For examples multi-layer packaging media, contact plate media, identification and isolation media for clinical microbial diagnosis, medium for culturing mycobacteria, sterility test, etc..



Introduction of CMP®

CMP® is the exclusive brand of Creative Life Science Co., Ltd. CMP® has more than 2,000 kinds of prepared culture media and diagnostic reagent products. We are the first GMP manufacturer that has passed the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s in vitro diagnostic equipment in Taiwan. We are also the largest culture media supplier in Taiwan. CMP® products are mainly solid medium and liquid medium, which can be used for clinical microbial diagnosis, basic research, infection control, environmental monitoring, biosafety testing, and product quality control. Customers are from major medical institutions, Taiwan CDC, academic research institutions, veterinary units, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, etc.


CMP® main business attribute

  • Professional sales of prepared culture media, diagnostic reagents and microbial related products in Taiwan and Asia
  • Configure the culture medium according to CLSI, ASM, USP, CP, EP, CNS, BAM, etc.
  • Fast shipping system, meet with customer needs

Universal Viral Transport Medium, VTM

During this pandemic brilliance of new coronaviruses (SARS-CoV 2, COVID-19 virus), the requirement of COVID-19 sample collection greatly increased. CREATIVE LIFE SCIENCE CO., LTD. manufactures two systems for COVID-19 sample collection, Universal Virus Transport Medium (VTM) and Inactivated Universal Virus Transport Medium (I-VTM). Both can use for viruses molecular diagnosis/detection, which meets the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens for COVID-19.

Lowenstein-Jensen Agar Slant

Tuberculosis infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis is common in the world. Find out the pathogen and give the right treatment is the best way to prevent spreading of tuberculosis. Lowenstein-Jensen (LJ) Agar Slant is a solution of cultivation of Mycobacterium species. LJ is an egg-based medium which can improve recovery of tubercle bacilli. CMP® LJ Agar Slant meets the guidelines of WHO. The product is widely used in clinical hospital and research labs.

CMP® Prepared Tubed Media (PTM)

CMP® prepared tubed media are used for isolation and identification of microorganisms, and it’s ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation. Media types including broth, semi-solid, solid or slant. With the automated system, mass production of PTM can be fast and highest quality.


TRANSCULTSWAB with Amies or Stuart agar gel is suitable for microbiological specimen transportation, especially clinical purpose. Rayon swab allows higher recovery of microorganisms. Single packed TRANSCULTSWAB flushed with nitrogen gas maintain stability of the transport medium.

CMP® Prepared Plated Media

CMP media have undergone strict control of raw materials and quality. Our prepared plated media with stable quality are produced in an ISO 5/Class 100 clean room in an automated production lines. Each products will have their own certificate of analysis, which provide sterility, growth efficiency, appearance, and pH value.

The prepared plated media are including Enrichment culture medium and selective culture medium, which can be used in clinical, research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.



GermBank is a convenient system for bacterial storing. The special medium with glycerol can preserve bacteria at -20˚C or lower. 5 different color tubes can easily classify different subculture and color beads have the good ability to absorb and release bacteria. GermBank is an easy use system suitable for multiple purpose such as quality control or research.

CMP ® SteriPack triple wrapped media

CMP ® SteriPack triple wrapped media ideal for the environmental
monitoring in the cleanroom. Products including contact plates for surface
sampling and settle plates for air sampling. Easy to open and ready to use.

Chromogenic agar

Distinctive color of bacterial colonies on chromogenic agar helps researcher differentiate strains easily. Only a minimum of confirmatory tests are needed.

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The core product of our company is to deliver the culture medium package. Our company has dozens of sampling swabs suitable for no use and automatic packaging lines with appearance patents. Our company has been devoting to R & D for 40 years. The core product of our company is to deliver the culture medium package.


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