Oxoid™ M.I.C.Evaluator (M.I.C.E.) strips 定量化藥敏檢測紙片

01 Product Description

Oxoid™M.I.C.Evaluator (M.I.C.E.) strips定量化藥敏檢測紙片

Accurate determination of MIC values M.I.C.Evaluator (M.I.C.E.) strips combine the simplicity and ease of use of the diffusion method with the accuracy of an MIC test, to provide important information for the treatment of critically ill patients. The M.I.C.E. strips carry a stabilised antimicrobial, covering 15 doubling dilutions, on a convenient polymer strip. The distinctive scale format of M.I.C.E. strips provides an excellent contrast with the agar and the increased font size makes reading easier. M.I.C.E. strips are firm but flexible, making them easy to handle when applying them to pre-inoculated agar plates. Upon application, the antimicrobial is released from the M.I.C.E. strip, forming a defined concentration gradient in the surrounding agar. After an appropriate incubation, a lawn of growth develops with a clear zone around the M.I.C.E. strip where the concentration gradient in the medium has been sufficient to inhibit growth. The MIC is easily read where the interface between zone and growth of the organism touches the strip.